Seigneur de Blaye , Riberac, Vicomte de Turenne

  • Born about 1291
  • Deceased 19 September 1356 - Poitiers, France,aged about 65 years old


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RENAUD [IV] de Pons (-killed in battle Poitiers 19 Sep 1356).  Seigneur de Ribérac.  He succeeded his cousin Hélie Rudel [II] as Seigneur de Pons.  m (contract Feb 1319) JEANNE d´Albret, daughter of AMANIEU [VIII] Sire d´Albret &his wife Rose de Bourg (-after 1357). 

Renaud [IV] & his wife had children: 
a)         RENAUD [V] de Pons (-killed in battle Poitiers 19 Sep 1356).  m --- Flotte, daughter of GUILLAUME Flotte Seigneur de Revel et de Plassac & his first wife Alix de Mello. 



Renaud IV de Pons was born about 1291, son of Geffroi de Pons, seigneur de Ribérac, vicomte de Turenne, and Isabelle de Rodez, vicomtesse de Carlat. A powerful feudal lord, he was seigneur de Pons, vicomte de Carlat, vicomte deTurenne, and seigneur de Riberac et de Montfort.

On 26 January 1319 at Casteljaloux he married Jeanne d'Albret, daughter of Amanieu VII d'Albret, sire d'Albret de Tartas et de Maremme, and Rose de Bourg. They had at least two children, of whom Renaud V would have progeny.

On the Tuesday after Easter 1319 he confirmed the annuity given by his mother Isabelle to Sybille Naucaze, daughter of Naucaze Geraud, the bailiff of Carlat.

He received many tributes from his vassals of Carladès between 1321 and 1335. On the Wednesday after Pentecost in 1335 he came to terms with the commander of Carlat, Pierre du Vernet of the Order of St.John of Jerusalem, whoacknowledged that he had received from Renaud all the possessions of his commandery throughout the jurisdiction of the seneschal of Rodez and the bailliwick of Auvergne.

In 1338 Renaud fought at Montendre at the head of 210 sergeants at arms.

In 1343 he sold to Astorg Aurillac, baron de Conros, all the tolls of the river Cere from Oradoux-de-Vezac to Laroquebrou. He used the price of this sale to purchase the château de Blaye. He excused Amblard IV, seigneur de Dienne,and his successors, from giving up to him the keys to his castle, as they were obliged to do under certain circumstances. He transferred to Geraud de Gagnac many annuities in the parishes of Prunet, Labrousse,Teissières-les-Bouliès and Ytrac.

On 1 March 1343 Astorg Aurillac paid tribute to Renaud for his castles of Conros, Labastide and Viescamp, and their estates.

It appears that at one stage Renaud was in conflict with King Philippe VI, and that in 1340 he negotiated secretly with the king of England, under whose protection he placed all his lands. However by 1345 he had renewed hisallegiance to France, and he then served the king in Languedoc and the Saintonge.

He was killed with his son at the Battle of Poitiers on 19 December 1356.



Renaud IV Pons

Renaud IV, Sire de Pons' (1291 / - 1356), son of Geogffroy III Pons and Isabelle Carlat, Viscountess of Carlat, was an important feudal lord of the fourteenth century.


Renaud IV is lord of Pons, Vicomte de Carlat and part of Turenne, lord of Riberac de Montfort.

He married the daughter of Jeanne d'Albret, lady Riberac daughter Amanieu VII Albret and Rose Bourg, giving him at least two children:
    Renaud V Pons, which follows,
    Thomasse Pons, married Pons V of Castillon (1376)

Governor of Navarre.
The Vicomte de Carlat

He confirmed on Tuesday after Easter in 1319, the gift of an annuity made by Isabelle de Rodez, his mother, Sybille de Naucaze, daughter of Geraud Naucaze, bailiff Carlat;

He received many honors for his vassals Carladès, 1321 to 1335 and treated on Wednesday after the feast of Pentecost in 1335, with the commander of Carlat, Pierre du Vernet, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, who recognized himhold that its commander had in the scope of the Seneschal of Rodez and the Bailiwick of Auvergne.

He gave in 1343 to Astorg Aurillac, Baron Conros all tolls River Cere, since Oradoux de Vezac Laroquebrou up under the subject of justice. The price of the sale was to be used to redeem the castle of Blaye. He dispensed Amblard IV,Lord of Dienne, and his successors, to deliver him the keys to the castle, as it was obliged to do under certain circumstances. He also alienated to Geraud Gagnac many annuities levy in the parishes of Prunet, Labrousse,Teissières-the-Bouliès and Ytrac.

Served it to Montendre, in 1338, at the head of 210 sergeants at arms.

On March 1, 1343 Astorg Aurillac paid tribute to Renaud IV, because castles Conros Labastide, Viescamp and outbuildings. This document contains the names of many localities too numerous to mention here, and it was spent in Aurillac,in the presence of:

    Guy Ganhac, citizens of said city?;
    William Rolland, Seneschal of Rouergue;
    Arnaud Vigier,
    Amblard Dienne,
    Vézian Montal
    Henri de Vixouze,
    Pierre de Ferrieres, knights;
    Eustache Fabry
    Amblard Montamat,
    Raymond Folholes,
    Geraud de Carlat,
    Rigald of Tourloulou,
    Adhémard of Montjoui, squires;
    Rigald Lavergne, discreet men masters - Jean de Ceriers,
    Jean Crozet
    Dumoulin and Durand
    Hugues Lageneste, lawyers, witnesses specially called.

It seems there was a moment disagree with King Philip VI of Valois, and that he treated secretly in 1340 with the king of England, under whose protection he placed all his land, but he had returned from the year 1345, under thebanner of France, and served this year and the following year in Languedoc and Saintonge.

He was killed with his son December 19, 1365 at the battle of Maupertuis near Poitiers.
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Renaud III De Pons, Sire de Pons , Bergerac, Gensac et Mortgagne †1272/ Marguerite Rudel De Bergerac, Dame de Bergerac , de Gensac et de Mouleydier, Viscountess Turenne ca 1235-1290/ Henri II De Rodez, Comte de Rodez Vicomte de Carlat et de Creissels ca 1236-1304..1304 Marquise De Baux 1241/-/1270

Geoffroi IV De Pons, Seigneur de Ribérac Vicomte de Turenne †1314 Isabelle De Rodez, Vicomtesse de Carlat ca 1265-1328/

Renaud IV De Pons, Seigneur de Blaye , Riberac, Vicomte de Turenne ca 1291-1356