• Born 7 April 1763 - Grosse Pointe, Wayne, Michigan, USA
  • Deceased 21 November 1826 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA,aged 63 years old
  • Buried 21 November 1826 - Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA


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Individual Note

NOTE: Pierre Yax was the first settler in the area, now know as New Baltimore Mi. Pierre Yax was issued a land grant signed by President John Quincy Adams on 7/3/1826, which traced a "Land Patent" back to him in 1812 when Michigan was still part of the Northwest Territory.
The following information given by Alice Yax Matusiak:
Father Gabriel Richard was born in France in 1767. He came to Detroit and in 1809 he bought the first printing press of the territory. In the history of Judge Zephaniah W. Bunse as told to the Rev. O. C. Thompson, there is anice story about Father Richard and Pierre(Peter)Yax. Judge Bunce was remembering people and where they lived. "Peter Yax" comes next. He was a good Catholic, as were also most of the citizens on the river. Father Richard visited them twice a year and frequently stopped with Peter Yax. Peter had three stalwartsons, all fiddlers. The Rev. Father thought there was too much dancing amongthe young people and prevailed on them when they came together to sing amd amuse themselves some other way. So he told Peter that the young people had agreedto amuse themselves without dancing so much. Now, as Peter's sons were all fiddlers, it rather interfered with his financial interests, but he was obliged to submit. The next time the Father came around he said, "Well Monsieur Yax, not so much dance among the young people I suppose?" "No Father, not so much dance, but the young men get the cards and gamble. They drink whiskey and get drunk. They curse, they swear, No, not so much dance, oh no! not so much dance."

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Family Note

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  • Spouse: 1 MEDI Book - Marriage Records Ste. Anne Church Detroit 1701-1850 - Marriage Records Ste. Anne Church Detroit 1701-1850 - transcribed by Sharon A. Kelley - DSGR, FCHSM and Detroit300 Tricentennial Grant Program - Transcribed from the original records, thus is more accurate than the early transcription sent to Montreal, which was filmed by LDS - 1 _PAREN N - p31, #338Quality of Data 3

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Michel Johannes Yax You Hiax Jacks 1709-1793 Catherine Herbinne Herbin Erbin 1726-1789

Pierre Yax 1763-1826