(Gertrud von Northeim Pfalzgräfin)(Gertrud Heiress of Friesland)

  • Born about 1090 - &amp, lt, Of Chateau DE Salm, Lxmbrg, Blgm&amp, gt
  • Deceased about 1165 - Rheineck, Duitsland,aged about 75 years old
  • Phalzgrevinne


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http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/FRANCONIA.htm#OttoSalmRheineckdied1150 OTTO von Salm, son of HERMANN [I] Graf von Salm King of Duitsland & his wife Sophia --- ([1070/75]-murdered Burg Schönburg 1150

before 12 Nov). Married ([1115]) as her second husband, GERTRUD von Northeim, widow of SIEGFRIED Graf von Orlamünde, daughter of HEINRICH "der Fette" Graf von Northeim & his wife Gertrud von Braunschweig (-[1154/65]). * The Annalista Saxo names "Richenzam postea inperaticem et Gertrudem palatinam comitissam" as the two daughters of Heinrich & his wife Gertrud[1996]. * A charter dated 1134, under which her son-in-law Emperor Lothar donated property to the monastery of St Marie at Brunswick, names "Gertrudis marchionissa, filia Ekeberti marchionis" as founder and also names"coniuge nostra Rikensa, eiusdem marchionisse filia…[et] filii sui Ottonis et filiarum, Richenze coniugis nostre et Gertrude Palatine comitisse"[1997]. * "Clementia comitissa de Glizberg cum meis nepotibus Ottone et Wilhelmo" confirmed the foundation of Schiffenberg, with the consent of "domne Gertrudis palatine…[et] Adela filia eiusdem palatine", by charter dated 1141[1998]. * Gräfin von Bentheim. A charter dated to [1150/54] names "Gertrude comitissa Benthemiensi" and refers to "morte mariti sui Ottonis Palatini"[1999]. * Friedrich Bishop of Münster and "comitissa Gertrudis deBenthem" donated property to the Benedictines by charter dated 1154[2000]. Graf Otto & his wife had three children: # OTTO von Rheineck (-murdered [1148/49]). # SOPHIE von Rheineck (-26 Sep 1176, bur Jerusalem, church

of the Teutonic Knights). # BEATRIX von Rheineck (-bur Loccum). ---------------------- Gertrud von Northeim, død efter 1154. Gift m.: Grev Otto I. von Rheineck, f. ca. 1080, døde 1150. Greve af Rheineck, Pfalzgreve bei Rhein. -------------------- http://www.our-royal-titled-noble-and-commoner-ancestors.com/p186.htm#i5583

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Gertrud von Northeim Pfalzgräfin,Heiress of Friesland ca 1090-ca 1165