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"If you could see your ancestors

all standing in a row,

would you be proud of them or not,

or don't you really know?

Some strange discoveries are made

in climbing family trees,

and some of them you know do not

particularly please.


If you could see your ancestors

all standing in a row,

there might be some of them perhaps,

you wouldn't care to know.

But here's another question 

which requires a different view.

If you could meet your ancestors,

would they be proud of you?"

  • Born 8 March 1653
  • Deceased 26 October 1704 - Dundalk, Ireland.,aged 51 years old
  • Buried - Wooburn.
  • A Colonel in Duke Schomberg's army., M.P. for Westmorland.




On the side of Philip WHARTON, Lord Wharton 1613-



Individual Note

Phy_description: 4th son.

Phy_description: "History of Richmond" by Clarkson. "Wharton."

Phy_description: "The House of Commons, 1660 - 1690" by Henning.

Phy_description: "The Extinct and Dormant Peerages of the Northern Counties of England" by J.W. Clay. "Wharton, Lords Wharton."

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 Family Tree Preview

Thomas WHARTON †1622 Philadelphia CAREY  Arthur GOODWIN Jane WENMAN

Philip WHARTON, Lord Wharton 1613- Jane GOODWIN 1617-1658

Goodwin WHARTON 1653-1704