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Last update on 09/26/2022

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Willy van CAMMEREN (willyvc)

Welcome in the Van Cammeren Family Tree. My paternal haplogroup is I-L158 (formerly I-M26) and my maternal K1b2b. My DNA shows that I am 97.3% North European and 2.6% South European. My paternal DNA could point to Iberican roots a few thousand years ago, however through my mother's tree we are connected with an Iberian family "de Miranda" at the beginning of 1700.

This is mainly the family tree of the grandchildren of Willy & Ria Van Cammeren-Van Doren.
It also contains DNA relatives and some non-related members, mostly families of Belgian emigrants for whom I did some genealogical research.
I am in search of my biological great-grandfather through DNA-analysis.

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