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Family Tree owner : Willy van CAMMEREN (willyvc)

Welcome in the Van Cammeren Family Tree. My paternal haplogroup is I-L158 (formerly I-M26) and my maternal K1b2b. My DNA shows that I am 99.1% North European and 0.8% South European. My paternal DNA could point to Iberican roots a few thousand years ago.

It is mainly the family tree of the grandchildren of Willy & Ria Van Cammeren-Van Doren.
It also contains DNA relatives and some non-family members, mostly families of Belgian emigrants for whom I did some genealogical research.

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Niel, Antwerp | Ruisbroek (Puurs), Antwerp | Reet (Rumst), Antwerp | Aartselaar, Antwerp | Bazel (Kruibeke) | Buggenhout | Mechelen | Rumst | Merchtem | Heist Op Den Berg | Puurs | Lier, Antwerp | Kontich, Antwerp | Steenhuffel (Londerzeel) | Boom, Antwerp
Number of Individuals : 22,313  Last update on 07/28/2021

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