Sosa :904
  • Born about 1682 - San German, PR
  • Deceased


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Individual Note

Source: Brau. P86, 107,161
and from Geno
Caballero Regidor
Listed as "Regidor Pedro de Irizarry Martinez de Matos"

  • Notes from Genealogist Dr. Adolfo Perez Comas received via email on 31 August 2006

    Ok I figured out that we are related 5 times to Eunice- through the Irizarry line.

    Pedro de Irizarry Martinez de Matos and Bernarda Rodriguez de la Seda had at least 13 children.

    we come from son Juan Irizarry-Martinez de Matos y Rodriguez de la Seda who married Felipa Rodriguez.

    Eunice comes from the oldest son Capitan Esteban who married Rosa Bonilla.
    and she also comes 4 times from another son Tomas Irizarry who married Baltazara Pabon-Davila.

    so those are the 5 times we are related through Irizarry.

    When we figure out who our Ramirez line really is, we are probably related there also.
    and also the Pabon-Davila line.

    That is why Eunice and us are so related as far as DNA.

    also related to Cesar through a daughter of this couple- Juana who married Juan Silva y Guadron. This also connects us to Sylvia. since she comes from Juana also.

    _OCTI: Caballero Regidor


from Cesar

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