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Généalogie Guillerm - Omnès

 Jean Joseph

  • ALRIC, married to Marie VIGOUROUX.
  • BOISBOISSEL (de) ca 1705-, son of François Isaac and Marie Anne de KEROUSY, married to Jeanne Jacqueline Marie QUINTIN in 1732.
  • CAUCANAS, married to Marguerite Antoinette VINCENT in 1920.
  • GUÉGAN 1712-1712, son of Jacques and Marguerite LORGERE.
  • KERGUENECH (de) 1785-1840, son of Jean Casimir and Anne MORICE.
  • MEVEL 1893-1957, son of Jean François Marie and Catherine THOMAS, married to Anna Paule JONCOUR in 1916, Renée Marguerite le BARS in 1919.
  • NICOL ca 1739-, son of Henry and Hélène Perrine MORAND, married to Anne HERVÉ in 1761.
  • ROBIC 1897-1945, married to Rosalie Marie Mathurine le LAY in 1919.
  • sosa URVOAS 1708-/1770, son of Jean Corentin ULVOAS and Jeanne MICHEL, married to Jeanne AUTRET in 1738.
  • le TOUTEN 1833-, son of Jean Joseph and Marie Jeanne PIERRE, married to Marie Louise le BLANC in 1862.
  • le TOUTEN 1805-1866, son of Jean and Marguerite DUBOURNE, married to Marie Jeanne PIERRE in 1829.