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Archivesfamiliales, archives départementales, trouvailles sur lenet, beaucoup de sources restent àvérifier. Travail en cours, jamais terminé,cet arbre est à considérercomme une ébauche. Bon voyage...

N.B.: Pour mon arrièregrand-père Amédée,le titre de Comtehéréditaire accordé par le pape LéonXIII était sans aucun doute unhonneur insigne etune grande fierté. Titre, du reste, assez mal vu par lanoblesse française. Concernant ses descendants duvingt-et-unième siècle, il est évidemmentà prendre avec un sourire.

Sosa :51
 or Ames

  • Born October 7, 1790 (Thursday) - Dover (St Mary the Virgin), Kent, ENGLAND
  • Baptized October 31, 1790 (Sunday) - Dover (St Mary the Virgin), Kent, ENGLAND
  • Deceased October 1, 1854 (Sunday) - Shalford (Quarry Hill), Surrey, ENGLAND,aged 63 years old


  • sosa John AMOS, born about 1763 - Dover, Kent, ENGLAND
    Married October 14, 1783 (Tuesday), Dover (Saint Mary The Virgin), Kent, ENGLAND, to
  • sosa Catherine VANSON, born in 1765

 Spouses, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren


Individual Note

Residence in 1841 & 1851, Shalford, Surrey, England.

Recherches de noms de famille sur le "Dover Forum". La plupart des références provienne de journaux des années 1830 :

Mary Elizabeth AMOS baptised (supposedly) on 7 Oct 1790 at Dover, Kent. Her father was, by family tale an Armourer at Dover Castle and nearly 7-ft tall. She married William SWINYARD at St Marys Dover on 18 June 1809 and although they moved to Guildford, Surrey a couple of their children were baptised in St Marys Dover. She had a brother James AMOS. (Info in KFHS Journal June 1989 page 429)

Edward T. AMOS (private), of the Buffs, of 2 Clarendon Gardens, Dover. commended. PHOTO of him (Dover Express 10 Sep 1915 p.8)

AMOS or AMES, Elizabeth - murdered her husband. "Wednesday was committed to St.Dunstan's Gaol near this city, by I.Hinde, gent, Coroner : Elizabeth AMOS charged with the wilful murder of her husband Stephen AMOS of East Langdon" (Kentish Gazette Fri.Oct 7 l796 p.4 col.4 near bottom)

Eliz. AMOS (nee FITTALL) who murdered her husband. Jan.10 1797 Qtr.Sessions - remains for Assizes. (Also see Tues Oct 11 1796 Kentish Gazette back page col.3 near bottom)

Geo Thos AMOS head married 53 Artist P. born Dover

Missing in the Napoleonic Wars : The AMOS-BOWLES story

Henry AMOS born Dover, a soldier, went missing during the Napoleonic wars, and was presumed dead. His wife (Elizabeth) married Richard BOWLES by whom she had a daughter Esther, before her former husband re-appeared and she returned to him.

Henry and Eliz. AMOS had 4 more children before Henry AMOS died, leaving her a widow in actuality. She then “re-married” BOWLES at St James church Dover : Elizabeth AMOS widow of St James Dover married Richard BOWLS, 8 Nov 1819. She and BOWLES had another daughter – Jemima Weymouth BOWLES, and a son Richard BOWLES, after they reached the Cape. In all, Elizabeth AMOS of Dover (aged 36 in 1820) had 7 children by Henry AMOS, and 2 by Richard BOWLES.

She emigrated to the Cape of Good Hope – in Menezes’ party, in the ship “Weymouth” - in 1820 with Richd BOWLES, and all of her children, and bore another son on arrival there. Her children by husband Henry AMOS – all emigrated with her : Henry (aged 16 in 1820), Eliza(13), Charlotte(12), Rebecca(9), Thomas(7), Sarah(6), Edward (4).

(Some of the above information from “Settlers Handbook" by M.D.Nash pp.91-92)

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sosa John AMOS ca 1763 sosa Catherine VANSON 1765

sosa Mary Elizabeth AMOS 1790-1854