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Archives familiales, archives départementales, trouvailles sur le net, beaucoup de sources restent à vérifier. Travail en cours, jamais terminé, cet arbre est à considérer comme une ébauche. Bon voyage...

N.B. : Pour mon arrière grand-père Amédée, le titre de Comte héréditaire accordé par le pape Léon XIII était sans aucun doute un honneur insigne et une grande fierté. Titre, du reste, assez mal vu par la noblesse française. Concernant ses descendants du vingt-et-unième siècle, il est évidemment à prendre avec un sourire.

Louisa Emily de BLAQUIERE
Sosa : 27
  • Née en 1825 - Paris, FRANCE
  • Décédée le 8 mai 1868 (vendredi) - Woodstock, Ontario, CANADA , à l’âge de 43 ans
  • Inhumée - Anglican Church graveyard, Woodstock, Ontario, CANADA
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  • sosa Hon. Peter Boyle de BLAQUIERE, né le 27 avril 1784 (mardi) - Dublin, IRELAND, décédé le 23 octobre 1860 (mardi) - Yorkville, Ontario, CANADA à l’âge de 76 ans, Homme politique, fonctionnaire et administrateur d’université.
    Marié le 26 novembre 1818 (jeudi), Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin, IRELAND, avec
  • sosa Lady Elizabeth ROPER, née en 1799 - Clones Monaghan, IRELAND, décédée le 18 février 1881 (vendredi) - Bath, Somerset, ENGLAND à l’âge de 82 ans

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Du côté de sosa Hon. Peter Boyle de BLAQUIERE, né le 27 avril 1784 (mardi) - Dublin, IRELAND, décédé le 23 octobre 1860 (mardi) - Yorkville, Ontario, CANADA à l’âge de 76 ans, Homme politique, fonctionnaire et administrateur d’université.


Notes individuelles

Née à Paris et baptisée à l'église de l'ambassade d'Angleterre, rue d'Aguesseau à Paris. Part au Canada à 10 ans avec sa famille.

Birth 21 May 1826 according to "Farmer Family History and Connections" by Lorna Isobel (Farmer) Scott...

Décède de maladie (diphtérie) à 43 ans, en même temps que ses filles Everilda (14) et Margaret (3).

"... She had a perfectly lovely face, and the sweetest smile and voice I ever heard or saw. Never a good figure, always too plump for her hight which was about mine, she was immensely admired and should have made a good match surrounded as she was by englishmen of good families and means. Among them was Pollixfen Radcliffe, a young officer of the 20th regiment, who long afterwards married aunt Isabelle. Of course at the time of mama's marriage, Isabelle was a small child, but Lieutenant Radcliffe made a sort of pet of her and said he never forgot her. There was Capt. Crofton, aunt Georgie's husband to be, and a lieutenant Portal, who belonged to a great family, had money and position, and was deeply in love with my mother, who unfortunately for her, turned him down.
My father's (Arthur Farmer) appearance in Kingston as a travelling englishman, driving his own horses, with his own groom and valet, made a good figure, with letters of introduction to all the leading people in the colony... He fell head over heels in love and she accepted him. He was supposed to be quite a good match ! I imagine no one knew he was simply living on his capital, and using it pretty fast too... Anyway they were married on Feb. 2nd, 1845 or 6, I think. She was only twenty on May 21st, he was thirty... They went straight to England to visit his people and carry out the plan that he and uncle Henry de Blaquiere had hatched, namely to collect money from the Farmer family to start a big lumber business in Canada... Mama had not a happy recollection of that year she spent among her in-laws in England. They were not very congenial, and she was too young and gentle to assert herself as aunt Augusta, her sister, afterwards did. For instance, as Peer's grandaughter, besides being a bride, she had every right of precedence at dinner parties etc., but she told me her sisters-in-law never thought of giving it to her. Aunt Augusta claimed her right place and took it !... Aunt Mary Farmer-von Grumpenberg was paying a long visit to her mother at this time, and Mama liked her. Granny, she made herself get on with, though I fancy it was pretty hard work ! Alltogether, the Farmer family in general were an unpleasant lot, I fancy ! An exeption was aunt Matilda, uncle Gamul's wife, of course, she was only one of them by marriage, being a Miss Wilkinson...
I know the young couple stayed some time at Garrow Hill, the Barstow's place near York... "
Alice Farmer Howard

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sosa Jean BLAQUIÈRE 1676-1753   sosa Marie Elisabeth de VARENNES 1699-1780   sosa Robert DOBSON 1725-1788   sosa Anna Maria TOMKINS   sosa Reverend Hon. Richard Henry ROPER 1723-1810   sosa Mary TENISON 1738-1795   sosa Robert FISH 1748   sosa N N 1752




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sosa John de BLAQUIERE, 1st Baron de BLAQUIERE of ARDKILL 1732-1812   sosa Eleanor DOBSON, Baronne de BLAQUIERE 1757-1833   sosa William ROPER of RATHFARNHAM CASTLE 1768-1832   sosa Elizabeth FISH 1774-1845


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sosa Hon. Peter Boyle de BLAQUIERE 1784-1860   sosa Lady Elizabeth ROPER 1799-1881

sosa Louisa Emily de BLAQUIERE 1825-1868

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