• A
    • ALLAERT †1854, married to Pierre DERONCY.
  • B
    • sosa BARBE ca 1535-ca 1614, married to Michel LEGRAND in 1560.
    • BECQUART ca 1545-ca 1612, married to Olivier de LE BECQUE.
    • BEDNARCZYK, daughter of Wladislaw and Tekia BLYZNIUK, married to Bernard GHESQUIERE in 1966.
    • BENOIT, daughter of Roger Gustave Cornille and Marie Josée Louise Cornélia MAES, married to Joseph PUGLIESE.
    • BOCQUET 1678-, daughter of Guillaume and Françoise GOEMAN.
    • BOUTEN †1640, married to Gilles RAELLEN in 1628.
    • BROISSOU, married to Joseph BOUTEILLER.
  • C
    • CAENE, married to Jean-Baptiste FERLA.
    • CALLE 1652-, daughter of Jacques and Marie DESMULIER.
    • CALLENS, daughter of Antoine Urbain Joseph and Philomène Antoinette HOUREZ, married to Abel LECLERCQ.
    • CASMAEKERE 1661-, daughter of Jean and Marie DESCAMPS.
    • CASTRIQUE, daughter of Jean and Ginette MAHIEU.
    • CHEVALIER, daughter of Léo and Marie Antoinette VAN DER MERSCH, married to Jean HACHEZ.
    • CLERCQ (DE), daughter of Camille and Elise THIRY.
    • CORNILLE, married to Jean CATEAU in 1658.
    • COUQUIE, married to Louis Eugène BOSSCHAERT.
    • CUVELIER, married to Pierre VILLERS in 1650.
  • D
    • DEBUISSON, married to André RANGEARD.
    • DECOTTIGNIES, daughter of Ernest Joseph and Louise Jeanne Marie HOUGARD.
    • DEGRYSE 1819-, daughter of Pierre Ignace and Marie Thérèse HUGGHEBAERE, married to Louis Joseph BREYNE in 1854.
    • DEHAENE, daughter of Paul Auguste Cornil and Palmyre Marie-Louise BERGHE, married to Michel César Joseph SINGER in 1968.
    • DELDICQUE, daughter of Henri Joseph and Irène Marie Madeleine DERUDDER, married to Jean Michel Fernand CORNILLIE in 1983.
    • DELEBARRE, married to Joseph DARRAS.
    • DELECOURT 1625-1724, married to François BECQUART in 1648.
    • DELEPIERRE 1637-, daughter of Jacques and Antoinette PLANQUEL, married to Pierre GOMANNE.
    • DELEU ca 1828-1868, daughter of Antoine and Rosalie DECROIX, married to Augustin DELEU.
    • DELPIERRE 1643-, married to Pierre GOUMAN.
    • DELSALLE, daughter of Georges Adolphe Joseph and Marthe PEPERSTRAETE.
    • DEMIEN ca 1835-, married to Bruno SOETENS.
    • DEPRICK, daughter of Michel Jean-Baptiste Théophile and Madeleine Marie LEGRAND, married to Gérard OUDART in 1961.
    • DESBUISSON 1665-, daughter of Alexandre and Catherine LANDTHEUR.
    • DESCAMPS 1631-, daughter of Jacques and Antoinette BODAERT.
    • DESCATOIRE, married to Francis LECLUSE.
    • DUHAMEL 1636-, daughter of Antoine and Jacquemine PAREZ, married to Gilles LALLEMANT in 1662.
    • DUMONT, married to Jean-Baptiste HECQUET.
    • DUMOULIN, married to Guillaume LAMBIN in 1698.
  • F
  • G
    • GELINEAU, married to Pierre Dominique DELANNOY.
    • GHESQUIERE 1652-, daughter of François and Péronne GHESQUIERE.
    • GIRARD 1914-2003, daughter of Pierre Jules and Henriette MASSIGNON.
    • GOEMAN 1638-, daughter of Pierre GOMANNE and Martine FIN, married to Guillaume BOCQUET in 1668.
    • GOMANNE 1636-, daughter of Nicolas and Antoinette OUVRY.
    • GRENU, married to Augustin COUSTENOBLE.
    • GRYSON, married to Martin PERSONNE.
  • H
    • HERBAUX 1662-1708, daughter of Honoré and Martine GOMANNE, married to Jacques BAGUE in 1684.
    • HEUGHEBAERT, married to Charles Louis NOTERDAME.
    • HOSTYN, married to Pierre Joseph DUMONT.
  • L
    • LAMERANT, married to Henri DROULEZ.
    • LECOMTE, married to Pierre D'HALLUIN in 1614.
    • LEFEBVRE, married to Antoine DONZE in 1678.
    • LEMAHIEU, married to Pierre François FLAMENT.
    • LEPOUTRE, married to Alexis DESCAMPS.
    • LEROUGE, married to Guillebert DESTOMBES.
    • LEROY, married to Michel PLANQUE.
    • LESAFFRE 1633-, daughter of Pierre and Jeanne D'HALLUIN.
    • sosa LEVESQUE †1708, married to Guillaume SPINNEWYN in 1685.
  • M
    • MILLE 1752-, daughter of François and Marie Catherine Joseph BECQUART, married to Pierre Philippe Joseph DELAHOUSSE in 1777.
    • MONCY, married to Dominique CARDOEN.
    • MOREL 1668-, daughter of Antoine and Jeanne LEMAHIEU.
  • N
    • NOÉ, married to Stéphane DESMAZIERES.
  • P
    • PETIT, married to Antoine Joseph DUFLOS.
    • PETIT, married to Jacques François DRUON.
    • PHILIPPE, married to Germain DAVID.
    • PIETERS, daughter of Marcel Honoré and Bernice Christiane LECLERCQ.
    • PINCQUET, married to Jean DELEVOYE.
    • POISSONNIER, married to Louis François Joseph LAHOUSSE.
  • R
    • REMAUX, married to Gilles RAELLEN in 1641.
    • REMBRY 1919-2011, daughter of Louis Auguste Joseph and Isabelle Julienne Eudoxie Marie Joseph DEBBAUDT, married to Louis ROLLAND.
    • ROUSSEAU, daughter of Robert and Suzanne SOHIER, married to Serge MINNE in 1979.
    • ROUSSEL, married to Henry DUMORTIER.
  • S
    • SAROEN, married to François LECOMPTE.
    • SMET, married to Nicolas PRINGUEZ in 1738.
  • T
    • THOMAS, married to Romain DUTOIT.
    • TIMPERMAN 1765-, married to Jean-Baptiste LAPLACE.
    • TOURNY 1782-, daughter of Pierre Jacques and Anna DEPOORTERE.
  • V
    • VALENDUC, married to Jean BARON.
    • VANDAELE, married to Pierre Joseph GEERAERT.
    • sosa VANDELANOOTE, married to Pierre LECLERC.
    • VANDENBROUCKE †1831, married to Joseph GODDEERIS.
    • VANDENBUSSCHE †1853, married to Pierre Jacques ODENT.
    • VANDEWYNCKELE, married to Pierre François BREYNE.
    • VANGHEESDAELE 1825-, married to Jean DEBLAERE in 1858.
    • VERSTREPEN, daughter of Georges Alphonse and Yvette Jeanne LUNVEN.
    • VIENNE 1598-, daughter of Pierre and Martine LEHOUCQ, married to Nicolas LAMBIN, Gilles BUGE.
  • W
    • WELLENS, married to Jean-Baptiste CASTELAIN in 1790.
    • WYSEUR, daughter of Pierre Alphonse Maurice Marie Corneille and Marie José VIN.

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